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It deals with sex in a very open and honest way without shying away from the more sensitive topics.

  • What are the best gay bars in Saigon? For example, is a Twink the same thing as a pup but share different characteristics? With regards to gay marriage, although this is not yet legal in the Philippines, the Civil Partnership Bill was introduced in October 2017 and is likely to become law very soon.

  • On a more regional level, some countries have started to recognise limited rights and benefits to gay couples such as Cambodia, certain cities in Japan and Hong Kong.

Apart from sporting or other specialised activities, I wore my corsets seven days a week and still do … although I left school many years ago now.

  • Gay marriage in Asia As much of Asia remains firmly in the closet, it's unsurprising that very few nations on the continent have legalised gay marriage.

  • Other cities in Japan that have a few notable queer hangouts include Nagasaki, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima.