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Pokimane shares statement following "leaked" Fedmyster document

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Leaked pokimane Pokimane banned

Pokimane responds to Twitch hack earnings leak in the best way possible

Leaked pokimane The Ninja

The Ninja and Pokimane Controversy Explained

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Fedmyster accuses Pokimane of manipulation in leaked document

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Pokimane speaks out on Twitch payout leaks and lack of diversity

In PewDiePie's view, the creators making these copyright claims were hypocritical because they also profited off of commentary and unoriginal content.

  • Pokimane also provided more context on her personal relationship with Fed, disputing many of the claims that were made in his statement as well as including more screengrabs to back up her claims.

  • This is in reference to her going live without makeup in 2018, which caused some controversy.

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